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Sonork is a localization and data transfer engine with a built-in Enterprise Instant Messenger.

Localization means that it allows you to locate other users, devices or services regardless of where they are on an intranet, extranet and/or public network.

Data transfer means that the software includes mechanisms to exchange data between two or more users. For example: presence, files, messages, voice, video, games, content, etc…

Instant Messenger means that it utilizes the data transfer feature to allow users to exchange messages, data and commands with other users or services on the network. If the recipient is not online when contacted, the information is stored and delivered when they next connect at any location or device.

The Sonork Technology empowers companies to create and control their own enterprise instant messaging and collaborative information management network running on an Intranet (LAN) or so-called Virtual Private Network (VPN) environment. The platform is built on a stable deployment-tested protocol and application core. It offers a robust extensible design that is easy integrated with, or embedded in, external applications.

Sophisticated and full-featured Client / Server platform

Robust binary protocol designed for maximum functionality and efficiency in distributed private network environments

Open source development tools for embedding Sonork functionality in external applications or creating custom clients

Easy integration with existing systems across platforms to enable rapid and efficient deployment

Advanced Presence Management mechanism and tools

Server logs all activity in the network (messages, file transfers, time stamped presence, etc…)

Supports most ODBC complaint databases (MS-Access, MySQL, MS-SQL, Informix and Sybase Anywhere)

SOCKS and NAT compliant

Low memory footprint and bandwidth requirements
Sonork Application Platform

The Sonork application platform features a modular design that offers enterprise customers the flexibility to customize systems best suited for their individual business needs. It can also be deployed as an out of the box solution that is simple to install and operate.

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