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Development Partners

The extensibility of our Sonork technology and the open nature of the platform allows outside developers to create software products that run on it or embed the functionality in their own applications. Each new Sonork-powered product that is produced brings us closer to our goal of being the standard in data localization and collaborative information management development tools. To this effect we encourage companies and individuals to contact us with co-development concept and proposals.

Development of new modules for Sonork or GIM public network systems

Integrate third-party components that can be bundled with Sonork EIM or GIM

Create derivative implementations of Sonork for purposes other than IM/EIM

Lab space or engineering collaboration

Joint ownership, partners or royalty scenarios available

All submissions will be reviewed within thirty days and an official response made regarding the submission. Please review our Submission Policy that sets forth the terms and conditions of our acceptance of your submission.

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