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Web Applications
WebApps are structured forms that send pre-formatted instant messages to users or a server. They are designed to interact with databases to collect, store, organize and disseminate information, creating powerful tools for use in consistent information management.

Supports any IE compatible language (JavaScript, Flash and ActiveX, etc.)

Synchronize Intranet, Extranet and Internet web applications

Secure unified login and presence management across all system layers

Compatible with most popular database engines (SQL, Access, Sybase, etc.)

Sonork Web Applications

Database driven structured forms distributed instantly within a secure collaborative network, replaces informal free-styled messages/e-mails or printed-paper forms. A real-life example is available in the Sonork public messenger; the "suggestions" and "bug report" forms feed a database and simultaneously forward an Instant notification to our support staff (additional samples are provided below).

Message Templates
Structured Forms be can also be loaded for delivery to a specific user or group. A list of available Message Templates appears in the user context menu accessible by right-clicking on a user in the contact list.

Structure interaction with suppliers, clients and colleagues

Standardize business procedures and internal reporting and communication methods

Database can log and archive all structured communications

WebApp/Message Templates Language Department
Company Message Boards
English Information Management
Task Management System
English Development
Project Management System
English Finance
Sonork Activation key request form
English Support

Simple Setup
WebApps are configured and assigned to be made available for designated users or groups in a form-oriented interface in the server. After setting the URL location on the company’s web server for each WebApp or Message Template, it can simply be dragged & dropped into the ‘Includes’ folder of the individual or group it should be made available to. It immediately accessible in the user’s console whenever and wherever they log in with their account.

Easy two-step process

WebApps are immediately available after including the URL config file

Selective availability to users

We offer Custom Development services for outsourcing the creation of WebApps designed to meet the unique demands of any business. Please contact us for more information

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